Steal Away Home - Lois Ruby
12 year old Dana's parents are restoring an old house in Kansas, which they would like to turn into a bed and breakfast. One day, while working on one of the walls, Dana finds a secret room with a skeleton inside. Dana also discovers a diary from a Quaker woman who lived there in the house with her family more than 100 years ago.Really interesting story. I just found that I had to keep reading because I wanted to know what happened next. From chapter to chapter it switches from the present time and to the past when the Weaver family lived. It was really well done and as Dana learns the Weaver family's and Lizbet Charles story, the reader does too.I really liked the characters and probably my favorite parts of the book were the chapters from the past. I think there is a sequel to this and I think I'd really like to read it since I enjoyed this one quite a bit.