The Bell Witch - Sharon Sigmond Shebar, Judith Schoder, Leslie Morrill
The Bell Witch is a very well-known, true story of the Bell family, who between 1817 and 1820 were haunted by a spirit. It tormented the family, played tricks and even for a time, was nice. However, it returned to being quite mean and even townspeople had heard the witch speak.Today descendants of the Bell family believe that witch is still tormenting the family.I know there are a number of books on the Bell Witch, but this is the only one my library had. It's only over a little 60 pages long, but still informative and well-written. If you're looking for every single detail of the haunting, including what has happened to the Bell family of today, you won't find it in this short book. But you'll still find quite a bit of information about the haunting and including some information about the descendants of the Bell family.