Companions of the Night - Vivian Vande Velde
Ian's bear is missing and Kerry realizes it must have been left at the Laundry. Her brother won't sleep without it and her father is already in bed. With only her learners permit, Kerry takes the car to get the bear and back before her father wakes up.Simple plan, but it definitely doesn't happen the way she wanted. While at the Laundry, the owner along with some other people come in with a guy who is only in his late teens or early 20s. He's badly injured and bleeding. They won't let her leave and continue to beat this poor guy. And she finds out it is because they think he's a vampire.I thought the book had a good, unique story. This was written before the current vampire-craze. I think Kerry was a good character, but put into a confusing situation with people she didn't know and wasn't sure who she could really trust. I liked Ethan, too. But he was very mysterious and careful not to reveal much about himself to Kerry. However, I didn't know if he could be trusted either. At times it seemed so, at other times, I wasn't very unsure. And as for the vampire hunter. . . Well, I think he was just crazy.Overall, it's a really good story. I enjoyed it.