Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants - Louise Rennison
Georgia's been with Robbie for awhile now, but sometimes, she still thinks of Dave the Laugh and the kisses that they have shared, even the ones while they are both in relationships! Georgia is very confused. Robbie is the one she wants, but Dave isn't so bad either. And soon Robbie will be going on tour to America with his band. She wants to go, but knows her parents won't let her. What is she going to do?Georgia is still in a confusing situation and I honestly wonder if she's going to stay with Robbie, or eventually decide if Dave the Laugh is the right one for her? Georgia goes through some crazy stuff and sometimes I do feel bad for her. Although when she is punished by her school, she might deserve it. She's awfully funny though and as seen in this book, caring about others. Enjoyed this one like the other three.