The Red Thread - Roderick Townley
Dana is having recurring dreams, dreams of someone, of something happening and she just can't shake it. But with the help of her psychotherapist, Dr. Sprague, Dana begins to unravel why she is having these dreams. They are from the past, not her childhood, but another lifetime.I thought the book started out slow and wasn't enjoying it too much at first. However, I kept reading and it most definitely gets better the further you read. The story is quite interesting. It is about Dana, who is sixteen, and is apparently remembering one of her past lives. Reincarnation has always interested me and I like reading about it, but usually it's nonfiction books I find about it. I liked to find a fiction book and it was quite a good read. Suspenseful, intense and I just kept wanting to read to find out what happened next. It's a good story with likable characters. I really enjoyed this, much more than I originally thought I would.