St. Dragon Girl, Volume 1 - Natsumi Matsumoto
Momoka and Ryuga have been friends since childhood. Momoka is also known as the Dragon Girl and does martial arts. Ryuga is a magic master and banishes demons. But Ryuga wants to increase his power and so he calls on the spirit of the Dragon. Instead of possessing him, the Dragon possess Momoka!This was a pretty enjoyable manga. The characters are fun, I like the story and I'm going to be honest here; it's pretty funny when Momoka beats Ryuga up for teasing her and saying the wrong thing sometimes.Momoka definitely likes Ryuga, but doesn't want to admit it to him. While I will say that he does care about her, in this volume it isn't made clear if he feels the same way about her. I really liked this. I'll be reading the next volume.