City of the Dead - Tony Abbott
Derek is 14, a little over weight and can't hear too well out of his left ear. He lives in New Orleans with his father and brother. Derek's mother left 10 years ago and it hasn't really bothered him.Derek is someone who doesn't believe in the strange or unusual. As he says, "Up is up. Down is down." and it always has been.But, after him, his father and brother are in a train accident, he to rethink about "Up is up. Down is down." because his world isn't like that anymore. Strange things are happening and Derek cannot explain them. He's hearing noises and voices, but no one else seems to hear them.And his brother, his father . . . . Derek decides he needs to find out what's going on.What an exciting read! I quite like the story and Derek. He's just a normal 14 year old that something bad happens to and afterwards something even stranger happens. You do feel bad for Derek, as the beginning is very sad for him and throughout the book things become confusing for him since his views on things have to change.But, it was very good. A great story and not scary, but it definitely wants you to keep reading to find out what happens. Can't wait to read the other books.