Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween - Lisa Morton
Halloween is my favorite holiday (next is Christmas) and it has been for as long as I can remember. Trick or treating was my absolute favorite thing and as a child, I couldn't wait for it every year. And quite honestly, I was very sad when I got to an age where I was considered too old to trick or treat and I'm still sad about that. Dressing up is another thing I've always loved about Halloween and even though my trick or treating days may be over, I still dress up for Halloween.And every year for October I watch scary/Halloween related movies and read books, of course. This book has been on my to-read list since last year. I believe a few copies of it were being given away through the goodreads giveaway program and that's how I found it. I didn't win a copy, but still kept it on my list to read one day. And I am very happy to have found my library had this book.I love Halloween and read whatever I can about it. While I did already know a lot of the history, it was still nice to read again and it was well-written and researched. The author definitely knows a lot about Halloween and made sure what she wrote was accurate. As she said, Halloween is a very misunderstood holiday and I am glad there are people out there who want its real history to be known. And Halloween has quite a history. I think the author does a very good job of covering Halloween's history throughout the centuries and how different cultures celebrated it. I also liked that she wrote about modern Halloween and how it is still gaining popularity in different countries. I honestly think this is a really good book on the history of Halloween and recommend it to others who love Halloween.