A Month of Sundays - Ruth White
April Garnet Rose is fourteen, lives with her mother and doesn't know her father. Suddenly her mother wants to move to Florida, but tells her that she will have to stay with her aunt June, who is Garnet's (her mom insists she is called that instead of April) father's sister until her mother has the money to send for her.Garnet isn't happy about this, having to stay with people she doesn't know. But it seems she has no choice. And at first she is really mad, until she gets to know her aunt, uncle, cousins and grandpa. And meets Silver.I read this book because I'm doing a 50 states challenge and this one is set in Virginia. I honestly didn't think it would be a book that I really liked, but I ended up liking it quite a bit. It definitely has a southern 50s, summer feel to it. The book is only 168 pages and so it moves pretty fast. The writing style is nice though and I felt I was able to connect to the main character right away. You're right in her head the whole time and so it was easy to experience what she felt.This book made me teary-eyed a number of times. Some parts were just so sad.I liked all the characters too. They had unique names, which I thought was neat.It's a very nice book. I'm glad I read it.