Summer of Fear - Lois Duncan

Rachel is fifteen, has a great boyfriend and a great family. But one day they get horrible news: Rachel's mother's sister and her husband were killed in a car accident. Their daughter, Julia, is now all alone. But Rachel's mother and father get ready to go get their niece. They hardly know her, but she is family. And Rachel is fine with this. Sure, it will take some getting used to sharing her room with someone, but it will be like having an older sister.

Everything was going well. At least for a little bit, until Julia showed Rachel her true colors. The problem is, no one else seems to see the true Julia but Rachel and she's not sure how to convince anyone that her cousin is not the angel she pretends to be. 

I know I stayed up later last night reading this than I should have, but I honestly couldn't put it down. It was definitely a page-turner and at the same time, so frustrating! Honestly, I felt very angry at times because of everything Rachel went through and no one believed her. 

The story was suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat (or, uh, bed, rather). I wasn't really sure what was going to happen next and I worried for Rachel's safety. And her family and boyfriend just annoyed me because of the fact they couldn't see what was going on. Julia was always the victim and Rachel always the bad guy, the one they must punish.

What else can I say about this book? It was great, even if some of the characters frustrated me to no end.