Monster High - Lisi Harrison
Frankie Stein was created 15 days ago and she is very excited when she learns she will be going to school. Now she can make friends! But she is a little less thrilled when her parents tell her she has to wear make up to hide her green skin. They tell her that this is what they have to do to fit in.Melody Carver and her family move because she has asthma and the air in Salem is much better for her. Melody has always felt like she has never fitted in and here in Salem, things are different. People notice her unlike before and after awhile, she is not sure if she likes it. But when both the girls enroll at the school, things will never be the same again.It took me a little bit to get into this book. I wasn't enjoying it at first. I realized that it wasn't like the TV movies I had watched, where the characters were in a school for monsters. In this book, the monsters actually do whatever they have to hide what they are so they can fit in. Basically, they can't let the humans (normies) know they are monsters, otherwise it will be complete chaos and they would have to go into hiding again.But I changed my mind when I read a bit further into the book. It was starting to get more interesting and really, the book deals with how it is to be different and how people judge you on your differences.I liked both Frankie and Melody. They were good characters. I'm just wondering if their stories continue in the second book?Anyway, this was a really great book. I loved it.