Cabin Fever - Jeff Kinney
Soon Christmas is coming and Greg needs money to buy presents for his family. Plus, he needs money for his Net Kritters account, but his parents aren't giving him any money this time. Greg's mom tells him he needs to go and shovel driveways for money and that doesn't over so well.Then Greg decides that he and Rowley should doing a holiday Bazaar so they can make some money, but before that can happen, they get hit with a blizzard and Greg is trapped in his house with his family. . . .I've been wanting to read this since it was first released, but I wasn't able to get it from my library until now. It was good. I was laughing within the first few pages and I enjoyed seeing what Greg got himself into.But now that I've finished reading it, I find myself ready to read the next book and it's not even out, let alone even announced yet! haha. I really enjoyed this one. Just as great as the others.