For Biddle's Sake - Gail Carson Levine, Mark Elliott
Parsley loves to eat only parsley. The problem is, parsley only grows in the garden of the fairy Bombina. Parsley's father steals parsley from the garden, until one day he is caught by Bombina.Bombina can't stay mad after seeing Parsley's smile and asks if Parsley may come to live with her. Parsley decides to go, as she thinks she might be able to learn magic and that might be fun.Parsley has lived with Bombina for many years and both are very happy. Until one day Bombina does something she regrets.I think this is the third Princess Tales book I've read and I enjoyed this one as much the other two. Parsley is a sweet character, who wants to do what is right and to prove Tansy is innocent of all the things his brothers said he did. Bombina had a temper, but she definitely had a soft spot for Parsley and I think that showed (even with all the turning things and people into toads) that she could be caring too. It was a charming book, a short and fun read with a happy ending.