Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly - Gail Carson Levine
I. Love. This. Book. Writing Magic is not the type of book on writing that tells you how to write. It is more a book of writing prompts and exercises. Mrs. Levine doesn't tell you how to write, she just gives you advice and examples of things like writing in the third person, or writing details in your stories. One of my favorite chapters is Writers' Groups and Other Helpers. It is about being involved in writers groups, or just letting others see your writing. As a writer I know how it is to let others see your writing. You worry if they will like it, you worry what people will say, etc. There is nothing wrong with helpful criticism, but there are times when a lot of criticism is not helpful and just plain mean. I've experienced that myself. What she says on how to deal with them not so helpful helpers is great advice.The book also talks about finding your own voice in writing and gives you prompts to help you. I've started writing a story with one of the prompts in the book and it is fun and great practice. There are many different prompts and writing exercises to pick from.But, you don't have to do the prompts or exercises. It is just a great book to read about writing. The way Mrs. Levine writes about writing, about connecting with your story, characters, details and just believing in yourself, is quite positive and inspiring. I think a lot of discouraged writers could use this book to give them some hope. Writers need positive and inspiring books like this because so many other books, web sites, people, often discourage writers and tell them they have hardly a chance of making it. This is definitely not one of those books. And I also like The Writer's Oath in the first chapter of the book.I've been writing for a long time and probably didn't need to read this, but I am glad I did. I feel that I've taken a lot from reading it. I highly, highly recommend this book for writers or those who want to start writing.