Bone, Vol. 6: Old Man's Cave - Jeff Smith
War has come to the valley. Smiley and Fone Bone are still lost in the forest. Gran'ma Ben has joined with the Veni Yan warriors and is at the Old Man's Cave with other survivors from the valley. The rat creatures are still looking for Phoney Bone, "The one who bears the star" and some of the villagers are more than ready to hand him over. But even with all the trouble he's caused, Thorn doesn't let any harm come to him. Thorn eventually goes off on her and before joining with the others at Old Man's Cave, she wants to find her friend, Fone Bone first.This one has less humor than the previous volumes. It's more serious, but they are in a war now. However, even with less humor, the story is still great and I finally found out who the hooded one was. I didn't even expect it at all. Also, I saw a different side of Phoney Bone and in this volume, for the first time, I actually felt sorry for him. Maybe Phoney isn't so terrible after all. But this one was great and I'm beginning the next volume now.