Bone, Vol. 7: Ghost Circles - Jeff Smith
A volcano destroyed the valley and it unleashed some of the Lord of the Locusts power. Now Fone Bone, Gran'ma, Thorn and the others are heading for the city of Atheia, where they will be safe.Another great volume. The Veni Yan warriors finally revealed their faces and I was surprised they looked so. . . Normal, especially after seeing what the hooded one looked like. I also think it is cute how Fone Bone refers to Thorn in one part. I won't reveal what he said, but it was cute and definitely shows that he really likes her. And Bartleby is back! It was so nice to see him again. I was wondering if he would show up again in the series. He's now all grown up, but still loves the Bones and is helping them, which is I think is great. I love Bartleby. Like in the last volume, there wasn't as much humor, but it was still great. The series just keeps getting better and better.