Daughters of Eve - Lois Duncan
Daughters of Eve is a school club, but much more like a secret society where each member takes an oath to never repeat anything that is said between their sisters. And soon the girls realize with the help of Ms. Stark just how badly they are treated by the men in their lives. But they begin to wonder if what they are doing is really right.

Since Lois Duncan passed away recently, I decided to readDaughters of Eve since this is a book of hers I hadn't yet read.

Suspenseful, but definitely maddening. I don't know if I can that any of the men in this book are even likable. Some are definitely worse than others, but this book had me so mad at times. And I know the teacher, Ms. Stark, might have seemed crazed, but in all honesty, her ideas weren't really all that radical. The teacher definitely had the right idea in encouraging the girls to be independent and not try to fit the typical role that women are expected to play. However, thinking that all men are horrible and trying to get revenge isn't good either.

I kind of feel like the book makes feminism not look so good. Not all feminist are man-haters. I did like the book, though.