Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 11 (A Devil and Her Love Song) - Miyoshi Tomori

This is a heavy volume. Maria meets her father. The man who raped her mother. and rightfully so, Maria is angry at this man.

But Maria sees now that he is a Priest and has been a foster parent to Shintaro.

Maria is right in her anger. And I honestly can't blame her for hating him. Yes, he helped in her creation, but while doing a horrible act.

There was a theme of a forgiving in this volume and I did like that. However, I felt the forgiveness that was given to Maria's father happened too quick.

Sure, he is living a different life. But does that change what he did? Does that change how it affected Maria's mother and even Maria herself? Rape is serious and not something simple to be pushed aside.

And I am not saying that Maria shouldn't forgive him. I felt, though, that she was being forced to forgive him because he had changed because he was now doing good things. I felt especially Shintaro was forcing forgiveness because Maria's father had been good to him.

And forgiveness isn't something that happens fast. You can't forgive quickly. It is a progress, not for the person that you're forgiving, but for you. Forgiveness takes work and you need to work through things before you can truly forgive. And that's okay.

It is okay to feel anger when something horrible is done to you or someone you love. And I wish Maria would have been able to work through it more, instead of the author making her forgive so quickly.

This was still a good volume. A lot of character growth for all of them. And I just wonder what Shin is doing? Does he feel bad? Does he feel he's not good enough for Maria now?

I can't believe there are only two volumes left. But I'm looking forward to reading the next two.