A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 10 - Miyoshi Tomori

In this volume, Shin finally decides to tell Maria how he really feels about her.

I would say there is a lot of depth to this volume. Shin and Maria have their first real fight, which they have to learn how to make up.

And because of Shin finally admitting how he feels, which results in holding and kissing Maria, it brings the memories flooding back of her mother. Perhaps Shin was being forceful, or I just wonder if it just doesn't look worse than what it was.

It seemed that when he started kissing and holding her, she froze and just laid there. She knew what was happening, but the memories resurfacing just made her lay there. It was like she couldn't do anything.

And Maria always blames herself. She feels that she causes people to hate themselves. I really don't think she does. She is truthfully and doesn't hold back, but I don't see anything she's done to make people actually make them hate themselves. Some people, like Anna, do place the blame on her. But that is just her own problems and I think she feels she needs to blame someone.

This volume also deals with depression and I feel that it was handled well. And in the flashbacks, we learn more about Maria and her mother. I just feel sorry Maria had to come into the world the way she did.

And Shintaro needs to go. He's not cute nor funny. Honestly, I feel he is just a major creeper. He is always there, even intruding on private conversations and private moments between Shin and Maria.