A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 9 - Miyoshi Tomori

This volume continues right where 8 left off; Shintaro trying to kiss Maria. And I'll admit that I was pretty happy when she pushed him and Shin went after him.

Originally, I was upset with Maria for defending him. Although, I still don't totally agree, I understand why she did. I also understand that Shintaro wants to be accepted and have friends. I also know that he likes Maria and doesn't feel that way about him. That is what I have a problem with. Shintaro is pushy, very pushy, and won't give up on getting Maria. And honestly, he is kind of a creeper. It's not cute or funny. I personally think it is pretty disturbing behaviour and I have to say Shintaro is my least favorite character.

I like Shin and just wish he would express his feelings to Maria. She feels the same way about him. I like Yusuke too. I think he is very sweet and caring. It is honestly too bad Maria isn't in love with him. I think he would be wonderful for her and he wouldn't hold back. And I'm not saying that to make Shin look bad. I do understand his reasons for holding back.

For the exception of Shintaro, I really enjoyed this volume. The characters are really deep and I like to see how they change.