A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 5 - Miyoshi Tomori

Maria's still blunt at times, but she has made some friends. She is having fun and actually happy. And Maria realizes that she may even be in love.

Maria has definitely changed throughout these five volumes. She is still blunt, still speaks her mind. But I guess you can say she is finally letting herself feel. And I like that. From volume one, I've never thought Maria was bad. Never thought she was a Devil. She is a good, relatable character that the reader gets to see evolve. And I really like that.

I like her friends too. Not of the characters are without flaws. And I like that the class seems to be getting along with Maria now. The one who hasn't changed is the teacher. I have no idea what his problem is, but I can't stand him.

And Maria's friend Anna from her old school shows up in this one.

She seems nice enough, but it's fake. And it seems to me that she blames Maria for somehow holding her back because of their friendship. I guess she never liked Maria, but never told her, just went along with the friendship. And even Maria blames herself. I don't. If Anna didn't want to be friends, she should have let Maria know.

I just don't like Anna. She slaps people for no reason and pretends to be something she is not. She sort of seems like a Jekyll and Hyde. I just hope she doesn't ruin what Maria has now.

Can't wait to see what happens next.