Brave Enough - Cheryl Strayed

I spotted this book at the library the other day. I've never read anything by the author prior to this book, but I love inspirational quotes and I decided to give it a read.

Like the author, I also collect quotes. She is right in that when we read something that strikes a chord, in a way it becomes a part of us and it is something we go back to read over and over again.

I was pretty excited to read since I love positive and inspirational quotes. Supposedly this book was inspirational quotes, but I'm not quite sure how most of these quotes are considered inspirational or even positive.

I did find a few good quotes in here, ones that I really liked. For the most part, however, I didn't find much in the way of inspirational within these pages.

And cursing doesn't bother me, but it felt out of place and not needed in a book of supposedly-inspirational quotes.

Not a bad book but it's not amazing either.