A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 4 - Miyoshi Tomori

Maria encourages Ayu to share her true feelings, but this seems to cause a rift within the class. Maria is trying to bring everyone together, but so is going on that Maria doesn't know if she'll be able to unite everyone. She has to try, anyway.

In volume 4, Maria's classmates seem to finally start to understand her and seem to even be starting to like her. She's really not a bad person. Just flawed. It's nice to see her changing and also her classmates. Most of them really irritated me in the first three volumes because of how hateful and cruel they could be.

I have to say that their teacher has serious problems. I'd be surprised if he changes. For whatever reason, he is intent on taking Maria down.

Like with volume 3, I couldn't put this down. And I really wish I could continue this right away, but I have to wait until the next volume comes into the library. I can't wait to read volume 5.