A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 3 - Miyoshi Tomori

After an absence due to illness, student Hana Ibuki returns to school. She's cheerful and seems kind. Hana even helps to get the other students to join Maria's group. But, Maria is suspicious about Hana's help. She'll find out whether Hana is a friend or a foe.

As soon as Hana appeared, I didn't like her. It felt as if her kindness were only a disguise. And what I find funny is that students call Maria trouble or a devil. And even her teacher has in it for her. I do admit, she's blunt and sometimes harsh. However, Maria is never fake nor tries to hide anything. It seems to me, except for the few friends Maria has, everyone else in her class are actually the devils.

Maria is opening up some. She's trying to change while still being herself. I hope more of her past is explored and why she is the way she is. I guess you could say she has a thick skin. She's tough and tries to keep emotion out of things. It makes you wonder what happened to make her this way. Maria is not heartless or emotionless, though. She does care and wants friends.

I'm happy to see she does have a few friends, one that are willing to stand up for her.

I also thought the scene with Shin on the roof was cute.

This volume was really good and I couldn't put it down. I'm starting the next volume right away.