A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 2 - Miyoshi Tomori

Tomoyo has returned to school and much to Maria's surprise, Tomoyo came to her defense. Because of her bluntness, Maria still isn't very much liked. And now she's going to lead her class in a choral competition.

I read the first volume of this back in 2012 - I had won a copy of it from Goodreads. I remember really enjoying it and decided to see if my library had other volumes in this series. I liked volume 2 as much as the first and Maria definitely says what's on her mind. However, I don't believe people should be mean to her like they are. Her classmates call her evil, but from what I see, they seem to be the evil ones.

And that teacher. . . . I don't like him at all.

I'm going to continue reading this series since I'm really enjoying it.