Free woman: The life and times of Victoria Woodhull - Marion Meade

Only recently I found out about Victoria Woodhull. Thanks to someone on Twitter mentioning Victoria Woodhull and that the fact that she ran for President, I became very interested in this woman. And I wondered, how could I have never heard of her? A woman running for President in the 1870s, why wasn't I taught that in history?

And of course, I know about the women's rights movement, but in all that I've read, I don't recall ever seeing her name come up.

I was happy to see my library had a few biographies of her. I decided I'd read this one first and I'll the other biography at a later time.

Marion Meade does an amazing job of making Victoria's world come alive for the reader.

I just honestly think Victoria Woodhull was amazing. And despite what some historians may say, I don't think she set feminism back a hundred years. She did talk about things that were shocking in her time, things that many apparently just couldn't handle being discussed. But, I think she did what she felt she needed to do. And I know how tough it was for women in her time, especially a woman like Victoria.

It's sad that Victoria Woodhull has been almost forgotten. It really is. Shouldn't a woman like this be celebrated? She did a lot for women, spoke out for women, even if she was attacked for it.

I really liked this book a lot. And I'm happy to have learned about this amazing woman.