Flowers in the Attic - V.C. Andrews
The Dollanganger children had perfect lives. A nice home and loving parents. But, when their father dies in an accident, their lives change drastically.

The mother not able to support herself or her children begins to write letters to her millionaire parents. Eventually, they write back and soon the children are swept off to Foxworth home where their mother had grown up.

The children were taken to a room which would be locked. Only for a night until their grandfather forgave their mother. A night turned into few, then into days, weeks, months and years. Four once perfect children imprisoned in a room with a mother who was no longer loving towards them or visited them. And no one, besides the mother and grandmother, knew they existed. Somehow, they had to escape.

I had watched the original movie many years ago and last year I watched all the movies Lifetime made of theDollanganger series. I had gotten the book as a gift from a friend Christmas 2014.

I had never read this book before or any others by V.C. Andrews. The first thing that stuck out to me was the author's writing. Andrews had a very nice writing style that was all her own.

The characters were well-developed and I felt the children's anxieties as if I were right there imprisoned with them. Such cruel grandparents. And a cruel mother, for that matter. How could the mother go from being so loving to heartless? Was being a loving mother just an act? Did she think that was how her husband, Christopher, wanted her to be? I don't know. But as soon as she agreed to lock her children in a room, I didn't like her.

I felt bad for the all the children and liked them all as characters. There were times I didn't like Chris as he wasn't always very nice to Cathy and some of his actions were worrying.

I very much liked the book. It was well-written and I couldn't put it down.