Mankiller: A Chief and Her People - Wilma Mankiller, Michael Wallis

Wilma Mankiller was the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation for 10 years. She was also the first female to be Principal Chief and so far, the only one.

While the book is mostly the autobiography of Wilma Mankiller, she explains that it is not just her story she's sharing, but also the story of the Cherokee.

And because of this, the book is filled with Cherokee history. I greatly enjoyed reading those parts, but even more, I enjoyed reading about this amazing woman's life. She did accomplish a lot and seems to have done a lot of good, but she also had many health problems.

While I did not agree with everything Wilma Mankiller said, I really liked this book and I do think she was very wise. If you want to learn about Wilma Mankiller, then this is the book for you. And you'll also learn a lot about the Cherokee as well.

Wilma Mankiller passed away in 2010. May she rest in peace.