Easy Street (the Hard Way): A Memoir - Ron Perlman
The first thing I ever saw Ron Perlman in was Beauty and the Beast. I did not watch the show during its original run. The first few years it was on, I wasn't even born yet and the year it was canceled, I was only a baby.

But, later in the 90's when the show was being aired in reruns, I watched it all the time with my mom. We both loved the show. Later I had seen Mr. Perlman in Sleepwalkers and The Island of Dr. Moreau, the latter of which greatly creeped me out when I was younger.

And I just absolutely love him as Hellboy. Hellboy is my favorite superhero and I really hope there will be a third movie.

All that being said, I am a big fan of Ron Perlman and was very excited for his biography. He has led an interesting life that has had a lot of rough patches.

I enjoyed reading about his life, what he's been through and his experiences working on different movies.

It was a good biography, but it did take me a while to get through. Cursing doesn't bother me, but I honestly thought there was too much in this book. He didn't need to use the F word all the time to get his point across.

If you're a fan of Ron Perlman, I do recommend giving this book a read. You'll definitely learn a lot about this talented man.