Halloween Night II - R.L. Stine

It has been one year since Brenda's friend tried to kill her on Halloween. She has tried to move on, but it hasn't been easy. Besides Halley permanently living in the house now, things haven't been too bad, and Brenda thought this Halloween might actually be good. But, soon it seems that someone is out to get Brenda again. When she gets the letter in the mail, Brenda realizes that she's not safe again.

I read the first book last year in October and I liked it enough to want to read the second one. Like the first book, it moves fairly fast and I just wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next. It is sort of a repeat of the first book.

I still like Brenda as a character, but still she seems a bit immature at times. I guess you could say she overreacted, but who wouldn't when your parents don't listen to you and only care about your cousin? I didn't like the parents in the first book or this one. They are just bad parents.

And Halley, no matter what happened at the end of the book, I still don't like her.

Despite some of the things that annoyed me, I still liked the book and think it is a perfect read for October.