Blessed Are the Wicked: The Terrifying Sequel to the Uninvited - Steven A LaChance

This is the sequel to The Uninvited, which if you haven't read you need to do so before reading this book.

The Uninvited goes into detail about the haunting at the Union Screaming House. This book, while still dealing with paranormal events that occurred after Steven LaChance moved out of the house, isn't just about the author's paranormal experiences. You will still find some paranormal experiences in this book, but it is also about the aftermath of the haunting and the healing process the author had to go through.

The Uninvited is one of the best paranormal books I have read and while this book differs from the first one, it is still really good. It is a personal book; oftentimes I felt as if I was reading the author's journal. There was real emotion in the writing and at certain parts, I found myself tearing up.

This book gives a good look into the aftermath of a bad haunting and how it affects those who experienced it. Really good book. I can't wait to read whatever other books Steven LaChance writes