Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style: On the Road with Everyday Paranormal - Barry Klinge, Brad Klinge, Kathy Passero

I watched Ghost Lab when it was on TV. It was on only a few years and I really enjoyed the show. I was disappointed when it was cancelled. Ghost Lab didn't have quite the drama some other paranormal shows have and perhaps that's why it was cancelled. I liked it though and actually wish it was still on.

This book is written by Brad and Barry Klinge, the brothers who founded Everyday Paranormal. They have their own style of investigating, which is more scientific.

The book was interesting read. I liked reading about their lives and how they have always been interested in the paranormal. Some of their investigations were interesting to read about also.

I like their style although I have never agreed with riling up ghosts. They questioned why other investigators consider it disrespectful to do that. Well, it's simple: ghosts are people. They were once living and breathing like us. And let's be honest: who likes being yelling at? I'm not bashing them. I loved the show and enjoyed the book. But, I am a paranormal investigator and have been for 12 years now. Riling up ghosts isn't part of my style of investigating.

Also, I don't believe most orbs are dust. I have done my own experiments and found that it is really hard to get dust orbs. Some orbs may be dust, but I wouldn't discount the majority of them like many paranormal investigators seem to do.

Overall, I liked the book, even if I don't agree with everything they say. It is really too bad their show isn't still on today. It was a good show.