Sons of Destiny - Darren Shan

I finished this about 30 or so minutes ago. I have been sitting here this whole time thinking about this book, the ending and the series as a whole.

Sons of Destiny is the final book in the Cirque Du Freak series. It is one final, big fight between Darren and Steve. The fight could swing in either's favor, but according to those who see into the future, the Lord of Shadows will come about no matter who wins.

I decided to read this series after the movie was released. I read the first two books in 2010 and have slowly made my way through the rest of the series since then. The series is addictive and whenever I read one of the books, it was hard to put down.

I finished Sons of Destiny in less than a day. I really wanted to know what would happen and there were definitely some surprises. The ending wasn't what I expected, but I have to say Darren Shan - the author - is pretty clever in how he weaved this book series.

And now that I have thought about it for a while, I have to say that I really did like the ending. It was a sad ending in some ways, but happy in others.

As a whole, I loved the series. I'm honestly sad there are no more books left to read in this series. It was great.