My Lady Pocahontas - Kathleen V Kudlinski

My Lady Pocahontas is a historical fiction. While Pocahontas was a real person, Nuttagwon - later renamed Neetah, meaning friend - was a fictional character. The book is told through Neetah's point of view, who Pocahontas befriends in the beginning of the book.

I first learned about Pocahontas after watching the Disney cartoon. Growing up Pocahontas was my favorite Disney princess, and she still is. Though I was still a child when the movie was released, my parents did tell me that Pocahontas was a real person. And they told me what really happened to her.

My interest in Pocahontas has never weaned and although I have probably read everything there is to know about her, I still enjoy reading history and fictional books about her.

From what I read about Pocahontas, she was a interesting and in my opinion, courageous woman. She lived in a time of great change and I can't even begin to imagine how hard that would have been. I am sure she made some very hard choices in her short time on this earth. I only wish there were more known about her.

Like I said, in My Lady Pocahontas is seen through the eyes of Neetah, whose life changes rapidly after meeting Pocahontas. I felt that the book started off slow, but it did get better. Overall, I did like the story.

The characters weren't bad, but I didn't entirely like the portrayal of any of the characters.

I liked the author's note at the end and I think the author is right when she says that maybe people fascination with Pocahontas is because she inspires.

It was still a enjoyable read and those who are interested in Pocahontas will like it.