Save Halloween! - Stephanie S. Tolan

Joanna comes from a family of preachers and she has never been allowed to Trick or Treat, or really celebrate Halloween in any way. She has never viewed Halloween as bad and without her parents knowledge, has been involved in some Halloween activities at her school. This year, she was asked to write a script for a Halloween pageant.

It is all going well until Joanna's uncle T.T. comes to town. He is there to help her family, who is struggling, but his preaching about stopping Halloween seems to have the town divided and fighting one another.

There is even friction within Joanna's own family because of her involvement. But, Joanna feels she needs to do what's right. And she knows she needs to save Halloween.

I don't normally read Christian books, but this one caught my eye. I was raised Catholic, went to church throughout my childhood and part way through my teenage years. But, Halloween was always celebrated at my house. I went Trick or Treating every year, and some of my best childhood memories are of Halloween. To this day Halloween is still my favorite holiday.

I thought this book was interesting because it was through the perspective of a Christian girl. To me, she often seemed that she wasn't very much like her family. And I actually feel bad that she never got the chance to really celebrate Halloween. It also made me feel bad for Joanna that her parents never really supported her choice. I understand they weren't into Halloween, but what Joanna did was quite amazing and they should have shown her some support.

I do want to say that Joanna is right that Halloween, or Samhain, has never been about the Devil. It is only takes doing some research to find that out. And I definitely recommend researching Halloween. It has a vast and wonderful history. Don't listen to the people who say that it is evil or a day to worship the devil. It's not that at all. Sure, some people do bad things on Halloween, but bad things happen every day of the year as well.

I thought this was a good that asked some serious questions and for those who read it, it will give them a lot to think about.