Lost Boy - Brent W. Jeffs, Maia Szalavitz

Brent Jeffs grew up in the FLDS - Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He is the grandson of Rulon Jeffs, who was the prophet up until he passed, and the nephew of Warren Jeffs, the current prophet.

After suffering much abuse and his family being excommunicated, Brent eventually left the FLDS. After some time out of the FLDS and finally remembering what happened to him, as what happened to his brothers, he decided he needed to do something to stop Warren Jeffs once and for all.

I think Brent Jeffs was brave for sharing his story. I know it must be hard to think about his past and all that has happened, but he knew that it was important to get his story out there so the world knows about the FLDS.

I have read books by other former FLDS members, or former members of similar groups. What was interesting about this one is that it is from a guy's perspective. And it is clear to see that not everything is good for all boys and men in the FLDS.

It was a good book with insight about FLDS history and how it runs. And of course, the insight of a person who lived through abuses that went on there.

There was something he said near the end of the book that I didn't agree with. He said that the FLDS went from a strange religion to being turned into a dangerous cult by Warren Jeffs. Now, I have no doubt that Warren Jeffs is a monster. He has done horrible things. But, from all I know about the FLDS, it has always been more than just a strange religion. It seems that it has always been cult, but over time, has gotten worse.

Besides that, I liked the book and I could feel Brent's pain when he discussed his past and his brothers who had died. I'm happy that he is out of the FLDS and has shared his story in hopes of helping others.