Testimony of an Irish Slave Girl - Kate McCafferty

As a child Cot Daley was kidnapped from her home in Ireland and taken to Barbados, where she was sold as a slave.

Now after a failed rebellion by Africans and Irish, Cot is brought in for questioning. Cot agrees to tell Peter Coote about the uprising, but only if he is write her whole life story as she tells it.

This book is historical fiction about a little known part of history. It has been more than ten years since it was released and it seems that since then, there has been more discovered about white slavery.

For many years, I studied African-American history and learned all about the cruelty of slavery. There is an endless supply of books about that part of history.

I'm Cherokee, Welsh and German, and a number of years ago I began researching Cherokee and Native history in general. In my studies, I found that Natives were also slaves in America. I never learned that school. And so with that discovery, I decided to google search white slavery.

I was able to find some articles, and a few books on the subject though I have only read one book so far about it. Apparently there was also white slavery in America. The information is there to research, but just not quite as easy to find.

Although I didn't much enjoy the book, I think it is great the author decided to do a historical fiction about a little known, and fairly well-hidden part of history.

I think how the book was written and that I didn't feel a connection to the main character stopped me from getting into the book. So, it was just okay for me.