Allies of the Night  - Darren Shan

Darren and the others are in Larten's hometown looking for the Vampaneze. Lately a number of people have been killed there and they thought it best to try to track down the Vampaneze there.

But somehow, papers were submitted in Darren's name for a local school. And if he doesn't want trouble, he has to show up. Despite being in his 20s now, due to be half-vampire Darren still looks about 15.

Larten tells Darren that he should go to school while they try to figure out who submitted the papers and hopefully find the Vampaneze as well.

Darren eventually runs into a few old friends and finally find the ones who are doing the killing.

It has been a while since I read book number 7 in this series and I decided I needed to get back to reading this so I can eventually finish the series. I remember not enjoying book 7 as much as the others and it was because I felt Darren had changed. I noted that it's not a surprise he'd changed since by book 7, he'd be a half-vampire for a number of years.

In this book, Darren felt a bit more like the old Darren. There were still notable changes, but not quite like with the last book. And Darren doesn't always makes the best decisions, but I think he does try.

I really liked that Debbie was back in this one. Steve is as well, and despite him seemingly being good now, I still didn't trust him. And I see that I was right not to trust him.

I enjoyed this one more than the previous book and will be trying to read book 9 soon.