Dark Secrets 2: No Time to Die; The Deep End of Fear - Elizabeth Chandler

No Time to Die

Jenny's sister Liza recently died. Looking for closure, Jenny signs up for the drama camp where Liza died the previous summer.

Jenny knows someone there must know what really happened to Liza and she wants to find out.

This took about 30 pages for me to really get into, but it was fast-paced and kept me guessing. I also really liked Jenny.

The Deep End of Fear

Kate left the Westbrook estate 12 years ago with her parents. One night they left and went to England, where Kate has been ever since.

Not long after, Kate's mother left and Kate was raised by her father. Now that her father is dead, Kate returns to the Westbrook estate to bring a ring back to Adrian, the owner of Westbrook estate. It was one of her father's final wishes.

The return isn't simple since the housekeeper won't even let Kate speak to Adrian.

Kate gets a job as a tutor for seven-year-old Patrick, Adrian's youngest son. But, soon it seems that the past is trying to relive itself and Kate is in the middle of it.

This one hooked me right away. It was suspenseful and intense. I was guessing the whole time since there were many characters in this story that could have been causing things to happen.

I really liked both of the stories. A lot of mystery with some surprise twists.