Smoky Night - David Diaz, Eve Bunting

Smoky Night is a book about rioting seen through the eyes of a young boy named Daniel.

He sees his street over-run with people breaking into places and taking stuff, including a local store run by Mrs. Kim. Daniel explains that they don't from there because his mother says they should buy from their own people.

The apartment Daniel lives in with his mother takes fire and they, along with others, are taken to a shelter.

Daniel nor Mrs. Kim can find their cats. Both of their cats don't get along with one another.

But, an important lesson is learned when the firefighter brings both cats to the shelter, who were found together under the stairs.

The cats, it seems, only needed time to get to know each other. And this changes how Daniel's mother feels about Mrs. Kim, who she invites to come over sometime.

I've read a few books by Eve Bunting that I have really enjoyed. This book is good, too, and handles a difficult issue gently and thoughtfully.