I am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead - Zak Bagans, Kelly Crigger

I have watched Ghost Adventures since it first premiered. I'm a big fan and never miss an episode when a new season is airing. I read Zak's first book, Dark World and liked it. However, I was disappointed with it because he wasn't very open and didn't discuss his life much. I was excited for this new book because it sounded like it would be more about his life and experiences. It was and he did open up much more. Now I'm not sure if that is such a good thing though.

I have always liked Zak and respected him. He does do things that are dangerous and says so. He has always seemed professional and not the type of guy to bash others.

The book started off fine, I was enjoying it until I got maybe half way through chapter one. Zak says that he is not putting other tv shows or paranormal investigators down, but he really is.

I'm a paranormal investigator and have been since I was 14. All my life I have seen ghosts. All paranormal investigators have their own of doing investigations and that's fine. Even Ghost Adventures has their own of doing things. But, to say he views other people investigators as "relic hunters" since they don't investigate the way Ghost Adventures does isn't right. On another pages he says he thinks it is necessary to do rituals - I guess like ones he's done on the show - to see the secrets of the spirit world.

It doesn't matter how long you've investigated the paranormal, you're never going to know everything. You do, however, learn things along the way.

In my years of experiences I have learned it is not necessary to do any rituals to communicate with those who have passed on. If you're there and the spirits are active, you'll get some evidence. Whether it's EVPs, pictures, feeling things, or even seeing something with your own eyes.

He says that you need to have passion to go further in this field - the study of the paranormal - and sure, you do need passion. In my opinion, doing voodoo and other rituals aren't needed to prove your passion for the paranormal.

You can be passionate about the paranormal and investigating it without doing what Ghost Adventures does.

I know Zak says different, but you don't need to do rituals or even have all the equipment Ghost Adventures has to get evidence. When I'm investigating, I'm armed with a digital camera and recorder for EVPs. I still get evidence and I still have a connection with the spirit world - as do other investigators - without doing all the rituals Zak has done.

My point is, you don't need to do what Zak does to get evidence or be connected to the spirit world. For him to say otherwise is just wrong.

And as far as Zak saying they are the only group on tv to ever do rituals: not true. Back in 2009 there was the show Extreme Paranormal and they only lasted two or three episodes. They did voodoo and other rituals on that show, which is actually why it was cancelled so quickly.

I'm not trying to be negative in my review, but there was a lot of things Zak said that just wasn't right. I don't know a nicer way to put this, but it seems this book was written by his ego. There was a lot of building himself and the show up. There was elitist attitude and though he accused other paranormal investigators of trying to push their way of investigating on people, he does it as well. And he repeats many times that he is a sensitive and empath.

Also, being possessed is never a good thing. Some people do remember it and are also never the same after being possessed. They do not go on to live great, normal lives like he says. Being possessed is a traumatizing thing.

There are also many times that he contradicts himself.

I have been a fan for as long as the show has been on and I was very excited to read this book. But, I am very disappointed and now has a very different view of Zak.