Come Juneteenth - Ann Rinaldi

With only three years age difference, Luli and Sis Goose were raised together. They are just like sisters, but Sis Goose was born a slave and Luli is the Niece to the woman who owns Sis Goose. But, Sis Goose was raised by Luli's parents and she is considered family. She was never raised as a slave.

But, Luli is keeping a secret from Sis Goose, a big secret that she wishes she didn't have to keep.

This is set in Texas in 1865. Somehow, Africans were still slaves two years after they were freed. This book is about the Luli and her family. The story is seen through Luli's eyes.

I liked the book, thought it was good and I definitely learned something I didn't know before. However, I didn't enjoy it quite as much as previous books I've read by Ann Rinaldi. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes historical fiction or is a fan of the author.