The Story of My Life: An Afghan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky - Tamim Ansary, Farah Ahmedi

Farah was born in Afghanistan and was fairly happy there with her family. But, one day while on her way to school, she stepped on a landmine and she lost a leg. She was lucky enough to be chosen to go to Germany, but while she was gone for nearly two years the war had gotten worse in her home country.

After losing her father, sisters and eventually brothers, Farah does the work she is able to support herself and her mother.

When Farah hears some group is taking widows and children to America, she feels that it may be the chance for her to have the life she's always wanted.

I found this book while looking around my library and I'm glad to have read it. It is a true story of a girl who lived in Afghanistan and was eventually able to find a way to America.

I do feel bad for Farah; a lot has happened in her life and she had to grow up so fast. After it was just her and her mom, Farah basically became the parent. It seems that now life is better for her here and she has made some friends. I am happy for her. This was book and one I think everyone should read. It really shows how a person from another country feels when they come here. They are just looking for a better life and want to feel welcomed, not singled out because they weren't born in America.

Farah is a brave woman and I hope life has continued to give her good things.