Feathers - Jacqueline Woodson

Hope is the thing with feathers.

Frannie never thought much about hope, at not until that day in class when they read the poem by Emily Dickinson. There were just too many other things that hope just took a back-burner to everything else that was going on.

Frannie is wondering about the new kid in class that everyone calls Jesus Boy. His hair is long and his skin pale. He's a bit of mystery.

And her mom is pregnant again. Frannie realizes that he's got a lot to hope for. Her mom's pregnancy going well and for girls to stop messing with her brother is Deaf.

This is the third book I've read by Jacqueline Woodson and I just think her writing is impressive. She has such a nice, and unique, writing style.

Frannie is a likeable character that is very easy to relate to. I like the other characters also, but wish they were a bit more fleshed out.

The book's main message is about hope, but it also deals with other things like death, miscarriages, religion and fitting in. It was a good book.