The Walking Dead Volume 21: All Out War Part 2 -

Rick and the others are now at war with the Saviors. But the Saviors are keeping up a good fight. Alexandria now badly damaged, Rick takes his group to Hilltop to regroup and hopefully take out Negan once and for all.

Volume 21 continues the war going on with Negan and his group the Saviors. I think near the end Negan is a little out of character. I mean, he seems to have actually listened to Rick. And all the volumes he's been in now, to me Negan doesn't seem to be one to listen unless you're agreeing to his demands. I'm not sure why Negan changed his mind and decided to listen to Rick at the end.

I liked this volume, but what's Negan's motivation for agreeing with Rick all of the sudden? Did he truly see he was doing wrong, or was he just trying to trick Rick? And I'm not sure I agree with Rick's decision. I agree with not going to Negan's level, but at the same time, Negan has killed lots of people. And it is worrying that if he gets loose, will he try to do the same stuff?

Looking forward to reading the next volume in this series.