MARY: The Summoning - Hillary Monahan

There is a right way and a wrong way to summon Bloody Mary. And Jess knows how to do it. She's done her research and convinced her friends to do it along with her.

Shauna is excited at first about the chance they may actually see Bloody Mary. But when it actually happens, it's pretty scary and is enough for Shauna, Anna and Kitty.

It's not enough for Jess though. She convinces her friends to do it just one more time. They give into her and later regret they did. Bloody Mary shows up in any shiny reflective thing and Shauna is her target.

I've known about the Bloody Mary legend since I was a kid. I think I heard about it because of my one brother. Before I was born, my parents had lived in a different house with my older siblings. My mom says there was already a ghost there, but one day my brother decided to do the Bloody Mary thing and stuff got really creepy.

I've never done it myself and I won't. I've been into paranormal stuff for years and I've been in a ghost hunting group since I was 14. But there are just some things I won't mess with because it can be dangerous. Bloody Mary and Ouija boards are two things I'd never mess with.

That being said, this was a really good horror book. I've read a number of horror books and seen lots of horror movies. There isn't many that actually scare me. But, this book did. It honestly scared me and I've been a little leery looking into mirrors. Like I said, it's not often I'm actually scared by horror books. But this author was able to scare me with this book.

I liked the characters, except for Jess. She's not exactly the most amazing friend. I liked Shauna (the book is told through her view), Kitty and Anna. The author detailed Bloody Mary in detail and I think the author did a wonderful job with this book. It was scary, intense and made me keep reading. There were also twists I didn't see coming and I really want to know how Mary became Bloody Mary. I can't wait for book number two.