The Girl Death Left Behind - Lurlene McDaniel

14 year old Beth just lost her parents and siblings in a car accident. Now she has to leave her home and friends behind to live with her aunt, uncle and cousin in Florida.

Things are changing so fast and Beth doesn't know how she'll go on without her family.

I've never read anything by Lurlene McDaniel, but looking through her catalog of books, it looks that she writes a lot of young adult romance. But, this book doesn't really have romance. Sure, there are a few mentions of kissing and characters liking one another, but romance isn't the focus of the book.

It's about a young girl losing her whole family and dealing with the guilt of being the one left alive. It's an easy read, but I think the characters are relatable. Anyone who has lost a family member or someone they are close to, I think they could relate to Beth.

It was a sad story, but I liked it.