Stolen Innocence: My Story of Growing Up in a Polygamous Sect, Becoming a Teenage Bride, and Breaking Free of Warren Jeffs - Elissa Wall, Lisa Pulitzer

Elissa Wall was born into the FLDS, who are a group of Fundamentalist Mormons that practice Polygamy.

Elissa was taught from a young age that she must obey men and that her mission in life is to marry and have many children.

While Elissa still believed in the teachings of the FLDS at the time, she couldn't accept being married at 14 to her first cousin. Despite her continued protests, even going to Warren Jeffs and eventually the prophet at the time, her voice was not heard. What she wanted didn't matter and Elissa was forced into a marriage with her 19 year old first cousin Allen.

After almost 4 years of a horrible marriage, Elissa escaped and started a new life outside of the FLDS.

Besides the details of her life, Elissa goes into detail about the trials she was involved in.

I have to admit the book irritated me at first. I've read a number of other books by women who had left the FLDS or similar groups and the beginning of this book was just different. It was different because it often felt as if the author was in some way defending the FLDS and their actions. This was in the beginning though and this tone later definitely changed.

I think that Elissa Wall is a brave woman. She's been through a lot and it took a lot of courage to testify against Warren Jeffs.

Elissa's book ended up being a good read and providing a lot of information about the FLDS as well as the trials she was in.