The Voice on the Radio - Caroline B. Cooney

Now that Janie knows the truth about everything, life seems to be settling down for both the Johnsons and the Springs. Janie is slowly building a relationship with her blood family.

And Reeve is off at college. He becomes a DJ for his college's radio station and thinks he has finally found something he is good at. But, at what cost did he achieve his radio success? It is because he's telling Janie's story and listeners want to hear more.

Book 3 is different from the first two. Janie already knows the truth about her parents, she knows she was kidnapped and has met her blood family. It was rough-going for Janie, but she is building a relationship with her blood family. I think what is really great about this book is that Janie realizes she can love both parents: her biological ones and the ones that raised her. I think Janie has grown up a bit and I like it that she is getting along better with her siblings.

I can't say I'm the biggest fan of Reeve. It's not just because of this book, but book number 2 also. It is true Reeve has been there for Janie through everything that has happened, and on the surface he looks like the perfect boyfriend. But when the narrative switches to Reeve and what he's thinking, he is not so perfect after all. Sometimes it seems that he only wants one thing. I think he does care about Janie, but after a while you get tired of Reeve thinking he wants Janie to stop talking so they can do other things. But, maybe Reeve will grow up too, especially after what he did.

This was a good book. I couldn't put it down. It'll be interesting to read the next book in this series to see how Janie's story continues.