Silhouetted by the Blue - Traci L. Jones

Serena's mother died more than a year ago, but things are still tough, especially with Serena's father still feeling blue. Serena's got a lot of responsibility put on her now having to take care of herself, the house and her younger brother. Now she's got the lead in the school play she wanted. But she doesn't know how she'll manage everything and keep up with school work and practice for the play.

Serena needs help, but doesn't know who she can turn to.

I read this because in 2013 I read another book by this author called Finding My Place. I really enjoyed that book and decided to read another by this author. I liked this one, but not as much as Finding My Place.

What I really liked about this book was Serena. She was a good character. She was strong and stepped up because there was no one else to do it. But, she had her weakness too. She missed her mom and felt that too much for her to handle it all by herself. I felt she didn't get enough time to properly grieve for her mother.

I also wish a friendship would have developed between Serena and Candy since Candy understood what Serena was going through. But, that was never really explored. Candy really only appeared at the beginning of the book. I think she would have been a great friend to Serena. The two friends that Serena had weren't all that great and seemed mainly to just worry about themselves.

The story was good though and there were a few times I came close to crying. I really felt for Serena. The book explored the themes of death, depression and feeling alone. While it was a bit simple, I think the author did a good job with these themes and I think that people will be able to relate to Serena.